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A place to discuss both reading and writing of erotic stories (your own, or others' with the author's permission) or links to them. We welcome all flavors of erotica-- straight, bi, gay, trans, space alien, and even republican.

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A Woman's Servant  photo flag
Review: A Woman's Servant  topic
Audio Books: The New Frontier for Erotica?  topic
Fifty Shades of Domination  photo flag
Review: Fifty Shades of Domination: My True Story  topic
Her Wish is Your Command  photo flag
Review: Her Wish is Your Command  topic
Grand Slam  photo flag
Book Review: Grand Slam  topic
Book Review: Becoming Maria  topic
Becoming Maria  photo flag
Mittens  photo flag
Review: Mittens  topic
Driftwood Deeds  photo flag
Review: Driftwood Deeds  topic
Payback  photo flag
Review: Payback  topic
In Control  photo flag
Review: In Control  topic
Through The Eyes Of A Male Submissive  photo flag
Book Review: Through The Eyes Of A Male Submissive  topic
Girls Rule, Boys Drool  photo flag
Excerpt: Girls Rule, Boys Drool  topic
Book Review: Serving Her  topic
Serving Her  photo flag

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