Stroke me to explosion...

topic posted Sun, September 5, 2010 - 6:25 PM by  Sebastian
I was tired from working late and my wife was already asleep. I got into bed after drying off from a long and hot shower. I covered up my nakedness, I had fallen asleep and after two hours, I got a raging hard on. I had turned around on my side, my wife smiled, sleepily and looked under the covers.

She moved in for a kiss and said, "Do you need a hand? " I'm really tired and I don't feel like riding you. Lay back i'll give you a hand job."
I laid on my back and my dick made a tent out of the covers. I pushed the covers and the blanket down to my tighs. My dick swung back and forth and it was ready to explode. My wife ran her hand down my hairy chest, slowly and that just made my balls harder and my breathing got deeper. I let out a moan and sucked in air through my teeth. I released a sigh and said, "Mmmm, damn you have nice soft hands...that's right slide your hand on my hard on and stroke me slowly..." I said, as you followed my orders. "Cup my ballssss and ohhh fuck, yesssss stroke it like that...." "Lightly run your finger nails on my shaft, lightly..... MMMFUCK, yessss..that's right, baby. Lightly rub the head of my ....ggggggoooddddddddd." I said, in ecstasy as your fingers ran over the top of my cock head.

"Pleeeasse just stroke me, stroke me to explosion." You began the long and slow stroke. My hips dipped deeply into the bed, and they pushed back up, between your hand that I was holding still, and I 'fucked' your gentle grip that was stroking my cock. I was close to cumming, when I stopped and you kept up the stroking.

"Damn, your dick is thick and hard, baby." She said, as she sat up a bit more. She jerked my cock and I spritz her hand and my stomach with some pre-cum on my stomach. My breathing had gotten deeper and "Ooooh fuck, yes, jerk it again!" And she did, and I came in long thick streams and globs of spunk. Sweat covered my body and my cum soaked my side of the bed, my wife cleaned me up, then turned around and went back to sleep, and I relaxed and drifted off, happily.
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