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This text file contains sex between minors and involves incest & explicit material.

If you do not wish to read this type of literature, please stop now
This story is about about two pesky next door kids that take a young teenager on youthful sexual journey through
their own preteen curiosity, experimentation and exuberance.

Part 1

We moved to New Jersey from California. I was 15 and disappointed about
moving. We moved into a split level home on 2 acres with a creek running
behind it. Growing up in California I was used to fences all around. This area
had no fences. Except for some hedges here and there, property lines were just

My first experience of this was the 2 brats next door envolving themselves in
everything I did outside. It was like we had an alarm our back door. Jessy was
12 and his sister Randy was 10. They were like a bad cold I just couldn't get
rid of.

A week before July 4th Mr. Harris came over and asked me if I could help him
put up a above ground swiming pool. I was kind of happy after the pool was up
though. Between Mrs Harris and Randy I had sprung a boner it was very hard to hide.

I stayed under the water until it eventually went down. Mrs. Harris was in a suit
that left absolutly nothing to the imagination. Her nipples were very very noticiable and
almost poked holes in the fabric. The suit bottom part had no back and her butt
cheeks were firm and round.

Randy even at 10 was following after her mother footsteps. Her suit was an exact
copy. I had a hard time taking my eyes of either of them. Randy's little camel toe
was so obvious that I imagined I could see her clitoris. She had no tits but her face,
I had not really noticed before was like an angel.

A few days later my Dad suggested I clean up the back of the lot since I had nothing
else to do with my time. I was working on it when Jessy showed up. Underfoot again.
After about ten minutes of this I finally gave him a job gathering the brush into a pile.

Another half hour passed and I had to take a leak. I walked over to a tree and pulled
out my cock. I started to turn around to tell Jessy to take a break and almost peed on
him. He was standing right next to me staring at my cock. He asked me how it got that
big since I was only 3 years older than him.

I told him his would grow. Then he pushed down his shorts and pulled his little cock out.
I was impressed. He was not huge for for a 12 year old I estimated his cock was about
4" long. I finished peeing as did he. I shook off the last few drops and watched as he
did the same. I stroked my dick several times and watched Jessy do the same.

I asked him if he ever touched a another boys cock. He did not look shocked but more
like a little kid who just got a new puppy. He reached out put his hand around my cock.
And I instucted him how to do it he was very attentive. I notice his own cock stiffening.
I told him we should go down by the creek. I put my cock back in my pants and started

We went through about 50 feet of woods to the creek. I sat down and leaned against a tree
I had Jessy stand between my legs. I had never thought about boys in this way before. All my
jack off fantasies had always envolved girls.

I pulled down his shorts his cock was still hard. I started to jerk him off and he almost fainted.
He swooned so much I had to hold him up with my other hand. I played with his cock and
balls for about a minute before he started moving his hips and then stiffened. I felt his cock
jerk and he fell to his knees.

I asked him if he was Ok and he just nodded his head. I asked him if he would play with my
cock. He jumped up and danced around. I lifted my hips and slid down my jeans. My hard
cock popped out and Jessy fell down to his knees again. He was so shocked at the full
erect size of my cock he couldn't speak. I reached out for his hand and put it around my
swollen cock.

He stoked it up and down, but he tired quickly. I took over for him and jacked until I felt the cum
strart to rise boil in my balls. The first shot went way past the end of my legs. I pushed
down on my cock and the rest went onto my belly. I told Jessy to lick my cock. He shook
his head. I grabbed the back of his neck and forced him down on me.

My cock went into his mouth almost half way. Then I let him up. He licked his lips and
smiled. He told me he thought it would be awful, but said it tasted good. He licked up
the rest of my cum without missing a drop. Then he started sucking my cock like it was a
big lollipop.

He worked so hard pleasing me and played so long that I felt like I was going to cum again
I had never tried to jack off twice in a row, many times I had done it twice a day and sometimes
even more but not so quick. When I came it shot right into his mouth. the last few squirts
splashed on his face. It was a good thing I had him take off his shirt. I had him clean up with
my handkerchief. It was getting late so we headed back.When I got home I had some explaining
to do but I told my mother we went for a walk in the woods. I got away with it.

A few days later I was watching TV when the door bell rang. I answered the door and it was
Jessy and Randy. He blurted out that Randy wanted to see my cock. I quickly stepped out
and closed the door. I asked again to make sure I had heard right. I opened the door and
told my mother that I was going out to play with the kids from next door.

I headed right for the creek through the woods. When we got there Randy was just like Jessy
had been before. She shouted at me to let her see it. I told her I would not show her unless
she and Jessy made me a promise not to tell anyone. I told her also that I needed some extra
insurance that they would not tell.

I told them both to get undressed. They were so eager I couldn't believe it. There they were both
bare ass naked in seconds. Jessy's cock stiff and straight just as before. I told Randy to get on her knees
and suck it. She did it without hesitating. Jessy said that he taught her how to suck cock.

I stood up and dropped my pants and underware. Randy pulled away from Jessy and stared at my
crotch. Her hand went to it and she tried to stroke it, but her little hand was to small. She let go of
Jessy and tried to swallow my cock. Her mouth was to small to get any more than head in. Even
then her mouth was stretched tight round it.. I told her to just lick it.

As she licked I put my hand on her slit. She jumped at first then allowed me to rub her. I found her
clit and started to flick it. It took all of 30 seconds for me to get her off. Both these kids were
unskilled in sex and were just discovering the joys of yet unfelt feelings & desires.

She had cum so hard she, like Jessy she had stopped everything and tried to catch her breath. She then
asked me if I could make my cock shoot out the white stuff like I did for Jessy. I jacked off as both of
them watched. Jessy playing with his cock and Randy rubbing her slit. After I came they both licked
me clean. I had them both get dressed and headed back to the house. A couple of days later my family
went on vacation for two weeks and I did not see them until I returned home.

Part 2

Almost as soon as we pulled up in the driveway Jessy and Randy came running up. They excitedly said
Hi, said how they had missed me and that they had somethng very important to tell me. They could hardly contain themselves. They helped us unload the car and then pulled me to the side of the house. They were about to tell me their news when my mother called. I told them to meet me out in the woods.

I helped my mother for about 45 minutes and finally got away. I got to the woods from the back of our house in about 10 seconds. I saw Jessy on the ground with Randy over him on all fours sucking his cock. They were both completely naked. From the way I was approaching them I could see Randy's little pussy protruding from between her legs and that little round rosebud smiling at me.

They stopped as they heard me coming. Randy sat back on her haunches and smiled, She said they got tired of waiting for me. We all laughed. I took off my clothes and sat down beside them. The slight breeze felt good against my cock. Randy reached over and stroked it softly. She said she just loved playing with my cock. Then she said she liked sucking it too.

I asked them why they were so excited when I got home. Randy said she almost forgot. She proudly stated that Jessy could shoot cum now. Then she said wait there's more. She told me to watch. They switched places and Randy layed on her back and sread her legs wide. Jessy leaned forward and I watched as his cock slid into Randy. Jessy started pumping up and down at a furuois pace. Just about 60 seconds later he pushed in hard and stopped. I could see his little butt cheeks clench as he unloaded his cum into his baby sister.

Randy told him it was to soon. I pushed Jessy aside and took his place. I slowly eased my cock into Randy, she was so tight for my cock. My head spun as I entered my first cunt. The smooth soft lips of her pussy enveloped my raging hard on as I continued to bury it in her. I started to slowly slide my hot teenage cock in and out. I was in heaven and by the look on Randy's face so was she.

I looked at Jessy and told him that this was how to fuck a girl. I continued for about 3 or 4 minutes when Randy yelled and pushed her hips up to meet my every thrust. As she gritted her teeth, she told me to go faster. I started to jack hammer her little hole like there was no tomorow. She screamed so loud I though the whole neighborhood would be out to see what happended.

She then went limp. I pumped a few more times and my balls exploded. I pumped more cum into her than I had every shot before or so it seemed. I got off and layed beside her. Jessy jumped over us and started licking my cock. We lay there for some time before we were able to get ourselves together and get dressed.

Randy, Jessy and I got together as often as we could. Both Jessy and I fucked Randy 4 or 5 times a week all summer long. I didn't see either of them for about a week after Thanksgiving. One day Jessy came over and said the Doctor had done a test on Randy and found out she was going to have a baby. Then they asked how it happened and Randy told them her brother did it.

Her parents were so ashamed they put their house on the market and it sold in 2 weeks. They were gone by New Years. I was sort of upset because the only girl I had ever fucked was now gone and I would have to go back to five fingered Sally for my pecker relief.

Then I saw the new family move in.
First I saw a girl about my age, blond, about my height and built like the proverbial brick shit house. Then I saw her 2 siblings and boy and girl about the same age as Jessy.
I thought then and there, maybe this next year would be as good as last
I might get to fuck my second girl and maybe even my third.

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years recieving a lot of unwanted "love" from a fellow inmate in their local prison
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    I believed this is true story..based on every details you wrote there..
    and not impossible its yr experienced...

    if yes........why should u feel ashamed !
    I can imagine it if it happend infront of me...
    wht to do....the past is past...
    based on the size of 'yr' hv a huge desire on sex..
    and.......I figured out tht baby is yrs........not jessy !
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    Re: The Kids Next Door / Warning Erotic Fiction

    Tue, September 1, 2009 - 4:40 PM
    i remember my first expression of desire was in the backyard of a friend. i was nine years old. it was a sleepover. her and i, her bother, his friends. we undressed to show ourselves and tentatively touched one another. it was so exciting for my pussy to be touched. but for years i thought the shame would kill me. now when i remember this it makes me wet.

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